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Amber is a gem known for its warmth, healing powers, and exotic appeal.  However, not too many people know of the enormous variety of colors and textures available in the amber collection.  From the beginning in 1988, Valerio 888 vowed to show the beauty of amber to more and more people around the globe.

Constantly introducing innovative ideas, Valerio 888 continues to be the top amber designer on the world. Set in .925, sterling silver, titanium and gold we present a variety of options rarely seen on the market from a single manufacturer.

First to introduce a multicolor amber collection to the world in 1992, the company continues to push the outward bounds of design.  Over  time we have created hundreds of bold, sophisticated designs in the full spectrum of vibrant colors of amber.  Our most recent discovery, Caribbean amber, allows us to introduce new colors of amber to the world and has become a successful new addition to our collection. 


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